userlite Branding Materials

Identity design & branding collateral for userlite, a startup software company.

As Lead Designer at userlite, I created the original brand guidelines for the company, including the logo, websites, product UX/UI, investor presentations, business cards, and pretty much everything else that visually represented the brand.

Prior to a few major pivots, the original intention of userlite was to provide a large unified suite of web based tools to help startups launch quickly and efficiently. The suite was designed to be lightweight and extremely fast. With this in mind, I centered the brand around imagery of paper airplanes, often performing amazing feats like rocketing through outer space.

Userlite Posters

Inspirational posters designed for the userlite office.

Userlite Website

The userlite homepage.

Userlite Appstore

The userlite app store, Jet Fuel.

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